The FUN Stuff

Blue Tent kindles adventures for Upstate kids hurt by abuse and neglect through

a week of summer camp and year-round enrichment.

Whether a child is interested in riding with our bike club, learning computer coding, or attending a symphony concert, our programs will help children celebrate their talents, explore the natural world around them, and help them to reclaim their childhoods, and their futures.

A Few Ways that Blue Tent Kindles Adventures in Childhood:


Great Outdoor Adventure Trips (GOAT)

This Blue Tent partner helps under-resourced kids experience the great outdoors (and sometimes indoors) through fun, engaging experiences that promote health, build trust with adults, and strengthen kids’ confidence in themselves through climbing, mentoring, leadership training.

Quarterly rock climbing trips allow our kids to understand structure, routines, and the ability to look forward to new adventures and goals.

Each summer we navigate the Nantahala as an exciting escape for our kids that also teaches teamwork, boosts confidence in their own skills, and quenches their thirst to explore the outside world.promote health, build trust with adults, and strengthen kids’ confidence in themselves through climbing, mentoring, leadership training.

Summer Camp

During our week of overnight summer camp, children experience a safe and peaceful environment in the scenic outdoors, learn how to trust and relate to peers and adults, and improve their social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual development. Moreover, many of our campers are reunited with siblings (when appropriate and approved) from whom they have been separated due to foster care, adoption, or other intervention services resulting from their experiences of abuse and neglect.

Camp is held at the United Methodist Church’s Camp Tekoa in Hendersonville, NC, which is a fully staffed year-round campground accredited by the American Camp Association.


The arts can provide children with an outlet to express themselves, be creative, and grow in self-esteem.

Fostering Celebrations

For many years, we also supported our kids and their siblings through our “Shared Blessings” holiday gifting program.  This year, instead of holiday gifts, we want to ensure that our kids in foster care and with active intervention cases experience the magic of a birthdays party.  If you would like to help us celebrate and support our kids’ birthdays each month, please contact us.

Expression Through Creativity

Expression through Creativity is an arts-centric approach to tackling the emotional struggles of abused and neglected children. Through storytelling, dramatic play, and visual arts focused on self-worth and identity, children are able to work through their emotions in creative ways.

“The arts and culture embody the wisdom of humanity in its most expressive forms. The assumption of arts programs for at-risk youth is, ultimately, to learn from that wisdom and generate new understanding for the benefit of the future.”
– The California Endowment, The Power of Art by Anderson, Walch and Becker



“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” -Ben Franklin

We aim to equip the children we serve with a variety of education opportunities to help them overcome their circumstances.

Bright Futures: Life After Foster Care

A life skills day camp for teens in foster care, Bright Futures addresses the devastating outcomes when kids age out of the system. Only 54 % earn a high school diploma, 2% earn a Bachelor’s degree or higher, 51% are unemployed and 84% become parents too soon, exposing their children to a repeated cycle of neglect and abuse. With a fun “game of Life” approach, Bright Futures will teach skills like how to secure housing, how to set a monthly budget, and how to plan a path to higher education.

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate & Roper Mountain Science Center

Quarterly trips to The Children’s Museum and Roper Mountain Science Center offer continuous, year-round educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities.  These experiences spark a lifelong passion for curiosity and learning through play and interaction—a right that many of the children we serve have not had the chance to enjoy due to abuse and/or neglect.

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