Cultural Adventures

Explore Talents!

We know that children exposed to abuse and neglect and those “in foster care have the worst physical and mental health in the nation . . . [with] problems generated by the foster care system itself – the lack of a permanent home, the challenges of potential addiction, the threat of violence and homelessness.”

Research has indicated that “the arts . . . provide an essential outlet for foster care youth to express themselves and establish a sense of stability.”

“The arts and culture embody the wisdom of humanity in its most expressive forms. The assumption of arts programs for at-risk youth is, ultimately, to learn from that wisdom and generate new understanding for the benefit of the future.”

– The Power of Art: The Arts as an Effective Intervention Strategy for At-Risk Youth  

culturalIn addition to arts programming, we also strive to give children some of the cultural experiences of their peers. One of the experiences many affected by abuse & neglect do not have is a birthday party. Starting this summer, we will be shifting our Shared Blessings program from providing holiday gifts to providing birthday gifts and parties to children in foster care.

Some examples of the cultural adventures our kids have enjoyed in the past:

  • Watching plays
  • Visiting museums
  • Attending college athletic events

We are excited to offer dramatic play, story creation, and monologue workshops with The Warehouse Theatre in 2014, as well as trips to local collegiate athletic events!