Educational Adventures

Explore Education!

educationalThe consequences of child maltreatment can be dire, resulting in declines in physical health, deficiencies in intellectual and cognitive development, and difficulties in emotional, psychological, and behavioral regulation.

For children aging out of foster care:

  • Less than 2% receive college degrees,
  • More than half are unemployed within the first four years of leaving the system; almost a quarter have been homeless,
  • Nearly a third have been on public assistance

Our educational adventures include:

  • Workshops for 8-18 year-olds with our partner iT2Pi to learn computer programming skills while also being exposed to relevant open-source technology and simultaneously learning critical thinking skills. Kids will begin with summer workshops, continue throughout the school year and the “Inventors” Expo”, and potentially be placed in tech internships.
  • Quarterly visits to the The Children’s Museum of the Upstate for children aged 0-11 years-old to promote learning through play and bonding with their “forever” or “for now” caregivers.
  • Bring Your Daughter to Clemson weekend, which is is an opportunity for girls ages 6-18 to visit a college campus, have fun, and begin to envision themselves as a college student. Girls attend with their chaperone, stay in the dorms, eat in the dining hall, and have a great time!