Volunteering is an incredible way to give back to our community.

We rely on our volunteers and appreciate their time, their talents, and their thoughts. Here is a sampling of how we would LOVE to welcome YOU into the volunteer family!

Fundraising Events

Are you someone with VISION?

Then help us in the planning process!

Are you uber-organized?

Then help us design and perfect a system for check-ins on the night of our event!

Are you a math whiz?

Then help us with the collection of monies and donations!

Summer Camp

Spend a day with us at our famous and fabulous weeklong residential summer camp – or at least help us get there!

Camp Opportunity Week 2014 will return to Hendersonville, NC. We will have families and caregivers meet us at The Kroc Center (the Salvation Army) in downtown Greenville on check-in day, and  after medical checks and registration are complete, we will transport the children up to camp by chartered bus.

Please note that ANY volunteer working with our children will be REQUIRED to pass a SLED check and to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Nurse:  Spend a week at Camp Opportunity, primarily giving campers their prescription medication in addition to tending to various cuts and bruises throughout the week.

Adult Assistant: Join us at camp for a day during the week and help with the day’s activities – arts and crafts, hiking, whatever it may be.

Prepare a keepsake “Memory Book” for campers: Create an album or scrapbook for each child’s “hygiene kit” so that they can insert pics, pressed flowers, or other memorabilia each year, and have something permanent to remind them of their amazing memories.

Help with registration for camp on Arrival Day: Sunday, August 10, 2014 @ The Kroc Center

  • Check-in (reviewing personal info with camper/caregiver)
  • Supplies Tables (hygiene-kit distributed, flip-flops picked out, etc.)
  • Luggage (each bag of luggage needs to be loaded on the charter buses)
  • Fun & games (play basketball, draw, etc. with the children while everyone gets checked in and luggage is loaded)

Assist with medical/dental checks on Arrival Day: Sunday, August 10, 2014 @ The Kroc Center.
We owe a HUGE thanks to Dr. Johnny Cox and his team of wonderful, caring nurses who have been part of our team for decades. THANK YOU!

Ride the bus from Greenville to Camp Tekoa in Hendersonville WITH the children on Arrival Day:

You will help the kids stay safe during the 45-minute bus ride to NC and then get them situated with their counselors and camp staff. This includes helping them settle into their cabins and preparing for their first meal.

Ride the bus from Greenville to Camp Tekoa to greet the children on Departure Day, and ride BACK to Greenville with them:

You will help the kids load their luggage onto the buses and monitor them for the 45-minute bus ride back from NC. Then, you will help unload their luggage at The Kroc Center.

It is best if the riders there and back are the same folks, but it is not required.

Help with reunification with families on Departure Day:

  • Check-out (reviewing personal info with camper/caregiver and confirming photo ID)
  • Luggage (each bag of luggage needs to be loaded off the charter buses and into cars)


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